Released Jan 1, 2011

Low Cut Connie imagine what indie rock might sound like were it invented in Alabama in the late Fifties. The product of two songwriters – New Jersey’s Adam Weiner and Birmingham England’s Dan Finnermore — Get Out the Lotion comes equipped with whiskey breath and a satchel full of filthy jokes, all of them funneled through sonics that are decidedly budget-conscious. Opener “Cat N The Cream,” with its clanging piano and slow-moseying bass line, sounds like a bunch of Brooklyn barflys taking a pass at “Burning Love,” while the chugging scuzzbucket boogie of “Rio” could be the Black Keys at the wrong end of a six-day bender. And then there’s “Johnny Cool Man,” a bit of greasy-pompadour doo-wop in which Weiner, his voice crackling with no-fi distortion, howls, “I wanna see you naked baby – from the front and from the back.” In Low Cut Connie’s grits-n-grime world, that’s what you call a compliment.” -3.5/5 at Rolling Stone

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