Released April 21, 2015

Songs by Adam Weiner & Dan Finnemore

Produced, engineered, mixed by Thomas Brenneck
Recorded at Dunham Studio in Brooklyn NY
Mixed at Daptone Studio, Diamond Mine Studio, Dunham Studio
Mastered by Kevin Nix at Ardent Studios (Memphis TN)

Merrill Garbus of TUNE-YARDS feat. on “Little Queen of New Orleans”
Dean Ween of WEEN feat. on “Dickie’s Bringin Me Down”
Greg Cartwright of REIGNING SOUND / the OBLIVIANS on “Dumb Boy”
Vinnie Pastore aka Big Pussy from THE SOPRANOS on “Danny’s Outta Money”
All horns by Neal Sugarman (Dap-Kings), Dave Guy (Dap-Kings), Jared Tankel (Budos Band)
Backup vocals by Saundra Williams (the Dapettes), Alecia Chakour (Allman Bros), Wondress (Mantronix)

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