THE CONNIE CLUB is a dirty, divey little local bar where everyone is welcome…the air conditioning is broken, the food is terrible, but the music is slamming and there’s always a party going on. People from all walks of life get together while Low Cut Connie frontman Adam Weiner spins Saturday night music of various genres and eras, plays his junky piano (named “Shondra”), and interviews both local heroes and celebrity guests. Airing weekends in October 2019 on select AAA and non-commercial stations, The Connie Club broadcast is an hour long slice-of-life from this down-and-dirty little bar where the music and the people have heart and soul. “I don’t care what you do all day; I don’t care where you’re from; as long as you’re ready to get your hair messed up,” Weiner says. Tune in, pals.