Nite 4


Order Song Artist WATCH / LISTEN
1 Good Times Sam Cooke https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=43
2 Dirty Water Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=200
3 Love Life Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=408
4 The Fuckin You Get for the Fuckin You Got Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=668
5 Here Comes the Rain Again Eurythmics https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=939
6 Pity Party Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=1198
7 Learning to Fly Tom Petty https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=1450
8 You Got Lucky Tom Petty https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=1658
9 Revolution Rock N Roll Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=1831
10 Boozophilia Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=2101
11 Come Rain Or Come Shine James Booker https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=2500
12 Lady Stardust David Bowie https://youtu.be/3EvTRFlIMuM
13 Stay As Long As You Like Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=2856
14 Train in Vain The Clash https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=3055
15 Rio Low Cut Connie https://youtu.be/_POyp62lemc?t=3220


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