Tough Cookies: Best Of The Quarantine Broadcasts (VINYL)

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Low Cut Connie’s follow up to his critically-acclaimed 6th studio album Private Lives, Tough Cookies: The Best of The Quarantine Broadcasts, pulls recordings from the band’s twice-weekly livestream “Tough Cookies” which celebrates its one-year anniversary this month. The 23-track album consists of a small percentage of the 500+ covers Weiner has performed so far during the broadcasts.

“Two weeks into quarantine, we ‘went live’ in my spare bedroom in South Philly to cheer up our fans. There was no script, no plan, just a couple schmucks trying every form of entertainment to try to lift people’s spirits,” explains Weiner. “Now a year later, we’re still going strong and have covered over 500 songs for viewers in over 40 countries. It’s been amazing watching the project grow and I wanted to put the record out as a document of this insane time we all shared. It was all done on cell phones but the spirit of the matter cuts through.”

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